Tavcor Adopts a Penguin

African Penguin Awareness day was on the 7th October 2017 and SANCCOB held a Penguin Festival in celebration of this day. 13 African penguins waddled back into the ocean as supporters cheered them on.

Tavcor Volkswagen was part of the festivities and shuttled waddle participants from Something Good Road House to SANCCOB. Little “Tavcor” the penguin came into the center on this special day and was adopted by Tavcor Motor Group.

Tavcor is currently undergoing rehabilitation and will soon be moved to CSF to continue his swimming training. As soon as he is strong enough, with the help of SANParks, Tavcor will be released back onto St Croix Island, into the biggest African Penguin Colony in the world.

Welcome to the Tavcor family, little Penguin.


If you would like to get involved in saving a penguin, please visit: https://sanccob.co.za/

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